My Writing Influencer

writingIt’s a shame for me when I wrote “I’ll paint my words regulerly after a very long hiatus and then I did nothing”, it happened when I open my blog, always. I felt same theme, same spirit and ended with no new article. I thank God, alhamdulillah I remember my pasword, still, hahaha.

I open the blog commonly after reading something or having chit chat with friend who showed me his/her articles, like what happening now. My friend sent me the news link of him through BBM and something unseen stabs downward my mind “why dont you post ur daily activities on your blog to substitute your laziness of writing”.

“Im not celebrity, why should I post my daily activities?” I asked to my inner goddes. Ups! pardon me to use this Anastasia’s word -you know who if you watch the movie that Indonesia banned already-.

“Everyone knows you’re not artist nor actor, you even not a famous person”. Said my inner goddes. Oh right! it touch my heart qucikly T_T.

“But you’re celebrity in ur own community”. She continued. Aha! I’m blushing.

Since I trust my inner goddes, I then decided to post all of my daily activities, not to feel as I’m celebrity, but as I believed since long time that blog is a longterm diary, my proof history of life. I promise I’ll punish my self if it will end with no posting as before :).

Locari, 10:35 AM

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