umbrella, wine and the cookie museum

Dewi Yuhana1 (2)a copy

the story behind : I remember I was stepped to the restaurant behind when those colourful umbrellas catched my eyes, but the word wine written on that black board stopped me, aaaahh…..

The photo was taken five minutes after exploring a hundred cookies from The Cookie Museum at Esplanade Mall.  Me and Kay knew this cookies from friend we met at Singapore Design Center, he dropped us here!. Thank You!
I recommend you to taste all kinds of its flavours from Madelene Rose, English Lavander, Hainanese Chicken Rice and Nasi Lemak etc. Nasi Lemak cookies? yes, you read the right words.  You can find all Nasi Lemak ingredients in one cookie, even the hot chilli and the unique taste of tiny sea fish. The only problem is the price, hahaha. It’s too expensive for me -right now- to spend USS 45-50 for a very small glass jar of cookies which I can eat all in 15 minutes 😀 

Thank you Kay Kay for being a calm photographer , miss you buddy! ^^ 


Best Friend, Enemy & Love


“He is my very best friend for a long time ago and still. We knew each other since we’re student in the senior high school,” said my friend in the small café nearby Bras Basah Complex and Raffles Hotel.

She ordered black coffee as her favorite and I am sticked with a cup of hot chocolate. I don’t ever have any other choice than hot chocolate and hot tea to order in every café and restaurants as far back as I have money to buy my own meals, a simple option with a simple reason, I don’t want to get cough and influenza after drinking a fresh ice drink. Sometimes I even have to complain and give the drink back to waiters just because they gave me ‘a warm’ chocolate or tea instead of a VERY HOT drink as I ordered.

We found the café accidentally, after being tired of a long walking around Peninsula Plaza to look for a violin. We didn’t find the shop but learned something “when Singaporean tell you 10 minutes to describe a distance from one place to another, it means 20 minutes or even more”.

She continued her story while I sniff my hot chocolate hoping the (little) caffeine will bring back my energy from exhausting. “Two years in the same class is more than enough time for me to know his character, his kindness and loyalty to his mates, including me . We fight a lot and became enemy, but we still love each other as friend, he was really care of me. My other friends ever told me that he loves me but I didn’t believe it, besides he’s not my type”. I saw the sparkle in my friend’s eyes when she mentioned his name in the story.

Time passed by, she continued, they went to different colleges in the different cities, they made their new stories with new friends separately. She had a boyfriend while in the same time his friend introduced her his a beautiful girlfriend. Nothing wrong with this story, as episode that every of us face in our path of life.

“Everything changed when I got his wedding invitation. I want to scream but no voice out from my mouth, I want to cry but my eyes dried, my hands shake and I can not breathe when I realized for the first time that I love him, I knew my feeling in the wrong time. I don’t want to lose him”.

“DEWI, am I wrong IF I’m telling him that I love him before his marriage?”



tatap matanya

dewi yuhana

lihat selalu matanya,
untuk bertanya
dan mendapat jawaban
jujurkah ia, sedih ataukah senang

pandang lurus matanya,
untuk menegaskan pesan
membuang ragu, sampai ia paham

tatap matanya,
dengan tegak dan berani
tak perlu kata dan suara
lihat apa yang kau temukan di sana


#West Coast Village Residences



Converting SGD to IDR

Singapore, Day 14

Ah, nggak terasa sudah 14 hari berada di kota paling mahal sedunia. Mulai adaptasi dengan cuaca, jam shalat dan jadwal yang  sangat padat dalam sehari, sampai nggak sempat nulis apa-apa di sini. Oia, saya juga sudah menapaktilasi sebagian rute saat backpacker tahun 2012 lalu ke negara ini, meski belum semua sih, paling tidak saya mengingat penampakan terminal bus di deket Bugis Street saat saya kesini dengan bus dari Shah Alam, Malaysia.

Singapura, sebagai salah satu negara paling dekat dengan Indonesia, dengan jadwal direct flight super banyak dalam sehari dari berbagai maskapai airlines (mulai kelas budget sampai yang mahal), memang sudah sangat familiar bagi masyarakat tanah air. Tulisan traveler Indo yang ke Sing juga beredar bak kacang goreng di blog-blog mereka. Belom lagi berita tentang selebriti dan sosialita yang bolak balik Indo-Sing hanya untuk melakukan perawatan wajah dan tubuh serta berobat, makin membuat Singapore layaknya bagian dari salah satu provinsi di Indonesia, #eh.

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