.:: Pure Me ::.

mewakili kata dan rasa 😉

MARKAZ: Bersama tim dari Indosat saat berkunjung ke Malang (taken by Nurdiansah MP)

MAKAN YA....: Dewi lagi kasih makan angsa-angsa jinak nich... (taken by my pren)


19 responses to “.:: Pure Me ::.

  1. Hello

    Can I ask u a question? Why u stop friendship with me, please tell me the truth. No need to hide ur self bcoz this is really important for me to know WHY???

    I will appreciated if you can tell me honstly.

    Take good care

    your unforgettable friend


  2. Salam Hana,

    Hope your fine,

    I have demand you to change this site in English plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Best Regard,


  3. Assalaamu’alaykum

    Thanx for being my friend in facebook.
    Please visit my blog imunisasihalal.wordpress.com
    Its a really nice blog you’ve got here.

    Asdwin Noor

  4. Ramadan Mubarak (رمضان مبارك )!

    I wish you and your families the blessings of Ramazan. May this holy month bring you the
    utmost in successful in every thing.

    Ramadan Mubarak to all in advance!!

    Miss you….

    your friend Abdul Ghafar

  5. Dear Hana,

    can be inspired by anyone asking me questions
    or by my desire to keep in touch with friends and people becoming friends
    or sometimes, just a fantasy of someone I wish was a friend

    whether you live in Indonesia or far away from me,
    these are web ways to stay in touch with me
    (or give me a little attention and feedback)

    . I love attention and feedback… doesn’t everybody

    your friend Ghafar

  6. mbak2, blognya keren. sama, ni aku jg lg blajar tulis2… potonya keren. cuantiq…. aku mahasiswanya pak dahlan n pak fauzan. aq prnah dapet nilai c dr pak fauzan..

    hi Gung….
    makasih dah mampir ya, besok2 balik lagi yo…hwehehe…..
    nah lowh, itu Pak Dahlan& Pak Fauzan yg mana itu ya? 🙂

  7. Dear hana,

    at first Salam, and second why did you get invisible? whenever I get online in YahooMessenger. please dont worry, while your not interest to chat with me I neve ever bother……………….. you,

    God luck


  8. Ketika manusia menanyakan siapa Tuhannya…..mengapa tidak pernah bertanya kepada dirinya sendiri….siapa dirinya sebenarnya?

    Semoga pertemanan ini memberikan manfaat daripada mudharat….amin.

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